Norway Trail 2018

Stage 6 Mass start Kjetil Heini Hege

Stage 6 Mass start Kjetil Heini Hege

Norway Trail 2018

Norway Trail 2018

Norway Trail 2018

Norway Trail 2018

Norway Trail 2016

Norway Trail 2016 mass-start

I`m in front, orange sled


Vindelvsdraget 2015

Fellestart 1. dag  først inn av sledespanna, nr 3. Overvann i flere kilometer. Team Hamar ga seg andre dag på grunn av isete/holke løyper

Pirene 2010



Gafsele VM 2007

Fastest time last day !

Fastest time last day !

1 x World Champion
2 x European Champion
16 x International Medals

Sled unlimited- and 8 dog class, off snow 8-dog- and 4-dog class

NM-GULL 2009

NM2009 nr 1 Målpassering dag 2

NM2009 nr 1 Målpassering dag 2

Pirena 2009

Kjetil will hopefully write here soon! A short resyme from Lena: The first day he lost 19 minutes, because his leaddogs turned around in the steep uphills. They did not understand that they were suppose to run that steep, and he was no. 15. after the first day. Kjetil's team was better and better during the race. He ended up as number 6 total, after one 5. place, 4. place, 3. place, 2. place, and winning 2 stages.
He learned a lot, and loved the race after just a few days. We both hope to participate next year too...

You can read about the race at:

European Champion 2008

VM 2007, Open sprint


World Champion 2005
Poland 8-dog. The race was held in april, instead of in the fall. It was unbelivibel hot. But we had a great time. It was one of the best arranged Championships Off-snow. It was Kjetil's first off-snow race. He borrowed a cart with bad (or none?!?) breakes...  Step was leaddog.

Ostra Aera 1990. Unlimited class

I started with dogs in 1969. I was always walking in the mountains, and liked dogs. Because of alergi in the family, I borrowed dogs: A Keeshound and a Samojed. It was a guite big change in speed and strenght when I got a Vorsther (Braque). I was born September 7. 1957

Kretsmesterskap Dårstul 74 ?

Kretsmesterskap Dårstul 74 ?

Kjetil 1963 Coca Cola boy


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Hello! I currently have a GSP that I love (my second one that I’ve raised) & I saw an article about the greyster breed. I was wondering if we could discuss the breed, bc I find them to be wonderful!

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Hi! Do you think. You will have puppies this year?

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Hei, ønsker/vurderer greyster valp😊 Er det aktuelle kull fremover?

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Jeg har kjøpt en kick-bike av deg, nå vi kjøpe en Greystervalp. Jeg er klar etter sommeren 2021. Er det mulig og til hvilken pris?

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